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Guizu Group founded in 2008,  is the Integrated &prefabricated modular building  &steel structure manufacturer, not only to supply prefabricated houses, but also including design, decoration, furniture, appliances, etc., advantage Supply China, and other supporting services, and owning more than 90 branches, the main products covers the Guizu detachable house, Guizu flatpack house, folding house, expandable house, shipping container house, k house, t house and mobible toilet, which are widely used in residential, commercial, healthcare, education, research, utilities, Industrial, disaster relief, other temporary construction fields aid and development sectors, where our expertise now covers.

We have a track record of collaborating with Govs., leading organizations and SMEs across a range of industries, To build value drivers and deliver significant cost savings and efficiency improvements through a wide range of comprehensive solutions.

Guizu Group provides tailored services, enabling clients to get more value from their business,Identifying and implementing cost savings, introducing new supply-china processes, and managing supplier relationships on a more strategic level.

Guizu Group has been committed to providing first-class quality and has successively passed CE, ISO, 3A credit rating, five-star after-sales certification, SGS certifications, Offers a complete solution, and efficient pre-sale and after-sale service, which has taken good reputations from our customers all over the world, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UNITED Arab Emirates, Iraq, South Africa, Malaysia, and America, etc.

Our philosophy is to build and maintain close cooperation relationships with our clients and our primary objective is to ensure client satisfaction with our products &service. We achieve this by working closely with our clients, seeking to truly understand their requirements.





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