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  • 2020 International Green Building Materials (Shanghai) Expo
    Jul 31,2020.

    The 2020 International Green Building Materials (Shanghai) Expo (2020ESBuild) officially is held on July 15. 2020ESBuild takes the concept of "providing a comprehensive solution for green buildings" as its concept, and launches the interoperability and integration of six major sectors, covering building energy conservation, prefabricated buildings and parts, interior and exterior wall systems, interior decoration, comfort systems, and green building supply chains. It involves supply chain platform and supervision, prefabricated decoration technology, integration of thermal insulation and decoration, integrated wall and wall, HVAC and fresh air equipment and other related content. The product exhibited by GUIZU this time is an ocean-style container villa with blue and white as the main color, incorporating water and wave elements. The design concept of the product is environmental protection, comfort, and residence. The starting point is not to damage the site and the natural environment. The entire product is prefabricated in the factory. The ground is raised by 3 steps, which effectively isolates the moisture on the ground. The box’s focus point is supported by a column, and the base disc increases the force area and overall balance. The box is divided into two modules on the first and second floors. It is loaded and unloaded and transported by cranes and flatbed trucks. It can be placed directly on the selected flat ground for check-in and use. In terms of functional layout, living on the first floor and leisure on the second floor. The large floor-to-ceiling windows are designed for resorts such as beaches and seasides with beautiful scenery. The indoor life is warm and petty, and the outdoor scenery is pleasing to the eye, intoxicating and infinitely fun. The outdoor staircase leads to the second floor. It is relatively independent and well separated from the living and life of the owner. The balcony and tea room are good places to drink tea and chat. The decoration is elegant and the lighting is soft. In cool weather, you can see farther from the heights. The scenery is more refreshing. At the exhibition site, the fresh and beautiful appearance and smooth design of the exhibits attracted the interest of many audiences and media, and they were also favored by many media. The organizers of the exhibition, from the media, Central Finance, Shanghai Finance, and a TV station in Guangzhou, successively conducted exclusive interviews with the executive president of GUIZU and the head of the Shanghai regional company, focusing on industry characteristics, product competitive advantages, design and research capabilities, Interviews were conducted on brand strength, government support policies for enterprises under the epidemic, exhibition purpose, and corporate social responsibility. We believe that through this exhibition, the relationship between the cabinet family and the customer has gone further, and the fit with the user's needs has reached a d...

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  • Modular House - The Transformation Of House From

    Modular house: A fast-built house model that is prefabricated in the factory and can be transported and assembled by a crane. It is time-saving, green, and environmentally friendly; it is safe, comfortable, and creative; it is full of change and free to move, realizing the transformation of house from "real estate" to "movable property". GUIZU is a group company specializing in providing modular houses and container houses. It integrates R & D, design, production, lease sales, operation and subsequent maintenance services. Its products are widely used in commercial, industrial, public buildings and residence. There is always one for you among the various GUIZU products! Exquisite, economical, environmentally friendly, practical and fast house, just a phone call, you can enjoy the professional service of "house delivery to the door", external water and electricity can be "check-in"; just tell us your product or space requirements, and we can tailor your ideal house. In short, where modular houses and container houses are needed, there is GUIZU.

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  • Container Building: A New Generation Of Green And Environmentally Friendly Buildings, Innovation Changes Life

    The container building takes the container as the basic module and adopts the manufacturing mode. After the structural construction and internal decoration of each module are completed in an assembly line in the factory, it is transported to the project site and quickly combined into different styles of container house buildings according to different uses and functions, such as hotels, residences, schools, dormitories, factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, etc. Like electric cars and wireless Internet, it is regarded as an important invention that is most likely to change the way of life for the next ten years. Compared with traditional construction methods, it is more environmentally friendly, more efficient, safer and more convenient. In the traditional construction method, the foundation to the molding must be piled up one brick and one tile on the construction site. However, the container building retains the concept of the shape of the container and integrates the functions of overall movement and hoisting. Large-scale production of single-person modules is completed in the factory. Only assembly and splicing are required at the construction site, which shortens the construction time of the house by more than 60%. It replaces manual production with mechanized production, which can save labor costs by at least 70%, and ensures the best protection of site management, material storage and construction safety. At the same time, the development of circular economy is incorporated into its own strategic business. Existing containers are used as basic modules to remodel houses, make full use of existing resources, and take advantage of the characteristics of container steel columns and side walls. The free combination of the modular units of the container forms the basic structure of the building. During the construction process, the use of steel and concrete is greatly saved, and the energy saving and environmental protection goals are achieved.

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  • Turn Waste Containers Into Container Cafe

    Container was invented half a century ago, and today it has become a key element of the global product distribution network. However, the service life of shipping containers is only 10 to 15 years. The CEO of Tex, the world's largest container leasing company, once said that from 2004 to 2008, the annual output of shipping containers alone was about 3 million TEU (International Standard Box). At the same time, about one million TEU containers withdrew from the market due to obsolescence. How to deal with these waste containers efficiently has become a serious problem. The SG Blocks company, founded in New York in 2007, sees business opportunities among them: in addition to being a means of transportation, containers can also be used as a kind of valuable container. The company's founder and chief executive, Paul Calvin, said: "SG Blocks hopes to make this form of housing acceptable to mainstream society." Calvin pointed out that container construction has the following advantages: depending on the construction location, its construction cost is usually 10-12% lower than traditional buildings; construction time is 40% lower; and it is more resistant to extreme weather such as hurricanes. Each container weighs 8,000 pounds (about 3,630 kg), is 40 feet (about 12 meters) long, and can carry 50,000 pounds (about 22,680 kg). Containers can also be layered if required by the customer. The industry believes that the emergence of this company is in line with two major trends: prefabricated building construction is gaining recognition; the world economy is increasingly emphasizing green environmental protection.

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  • What are the reasons for the popularity of container mobile houses?

    With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the application of container mobile houses has become more and more widespread. Why are they everywhere attracting people's attention and favor? Let's analyze the reasons below. 1. Container Housing In the current difficult situation of buying a house, container mobile houses began to be gradually recognized, and some people began to buy such houses to live. Because the materials and living environment of these houses are very different from those we have lived since ancient times, such a dwelling was widely controversial when it appeared. Some people think that it can solve the housing problem of low-income people, and some people call it a right Happiness and dignity discount. However, from an international perspective, such houses are very common, especially in developed countries. At present, the news about container houses on the Internet is very popular. As soon as such news appears, it has attracted wide attention, and it has been reported on television many times. Container houses have also become a choice for low-income people. At present, in some large cities, more people have used such a product. 2. Unique Characteristics We interviewed some companies specializing in container houses. According to them, such container houses are very popular in some more developed urban areas, such as Ningbo, and their business is very good. Because such a house is easy to transport, low cost, and the life span time is relatively long. In addition, this kind of container house has a beautiful appearance; good heat resistance; its sound insulation effect can also be compared with the solid brick house, which also conforms to the environmental protection, energy saving, fast and efficient construction concept. It can also be stocked, recycled use and has a longer service life. Due to these unique advantages, container mobile homes are also used in many places, such as dormitories, kitchens, bathrooms, warehouses, sentry boxes, conference rooms, etc. 3. Low Cost The low cost of container mobile house meets some market needs. And it can also reduce people's anger towards society due to high housing prices and address people who cannot afford housing due to high housing prices or low economic income. Finally, to a certain extent, it can have a certain inhibitory effect on the phenomenon of excessive rise in house prices. In addition, Song Xiuqi, deputy chairman of the Qingdao Municipal CPPCC, believes that in China, container recycled use is still in its infancy, and the construction of container houses is an emerging industry. The entire society does not know much about this and pays insufficient attention to it. There is no corresponding policy support in terms of construction land and planning approval, etc. In this regard, he suggested: increase publicity, increase social recognition, include the construction of container houses into the unified planning of residential construction, and formu...

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