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Detachable container house for office & dormitory

May 20 , 2023

Detachable container house for office & dormitory


20'ft Size: 5950*3000*2800mm, -Corner, Column & Beam: Steel thickness 2.3mm
-Wall Board: Rock wool panel, thickness 50mm; -Door: W840*H2035mm, steel material, Flat subframe, international fire lock, 1 set. -Window: Standard size 1130*1100mm, Insulating glass 3.0mm thick, with anti-theft net, screen window, 2pcs



Ground floor dormitory: 6 sets of beds + 6 sets of wardrobes + 4 sets of desks and chairs

Ground floor toilets: 2 sets of toilets + 2 sets of urinals + 2 sets of showers + 2 sets of wash basins + 1 set of toilet partition walls

Ground floor office: 2 sets of sofas + 1 set of coffee tables + 1 set of luxury desk chairs + 1 set of 6-person desk chairs

First floor dormitory: 1 set of modular bathroom + 1 set of sink + 1 set of bed + 1 set of wardrobe + 1 set of table and chairs

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