Guizu Transformation

Sep 16 , 2021

From September 16th to 18th, the elite of the Guizu gathered in the beautiful campus area of Guangzhou to participate in the "Guizu Business School's Second Win-Win Leadership" training at the Yalle Xuan Hotel. They invited one of the top ten lecturers in the country, Mr. Zhang Yi Wu, to impart "management and application skills" to the numerous gu students.


The Guizu group started as an unknown individual business in 2008 and has now become a well-known brand with 100 branches across the country. The journey may seem legendary, but it is inseparable from the Guizu's hard-working entrepreneurial spirit and their ability to keep up with the times through continuous learning.

Most of us have taken the first-mover advantage in the development of the container house industry and made our first pot of gold through rapid growth in the blue ocean market, enjoying the good life of successful careers and prosperity. However, as the era changes, the market changes, and the competition becomes stronger, we must remain vigilant and understand that "the business world is like a battlefield." If we want our business development and wealth to continue, we must constantly learn and improve, and adapt to the impact and challenges brought about by changes in the times and markets. In this golden September, Mr. Zhang Yi Wu was invited by the Guizu to hold this "Win-Win Leadership" training, enabling the whole team to progress together.

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