Racing Against Time, Joining Forces to Combat the Pandemic! Guizu Participates Fully in the Construction of Fangcang Hospitals.

Nov 01 , 2021

In November 2022, the COVID-19 situation in Guangzhou had reached a critical point, and a new round of the anti-pandemic battle had begun. Guangdong Cabinets, through its various branches across the region, actively engaged in the construction of Fangcang hospitals in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Qingyuan, Yunfu, and other areas.


Recently, a new wave of COVID-19 cases broke out in Guangdong, especially in Guangzhou. According to the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, as of November 25, 2022, there had been a total 20,285 confirmed cases in Guangzhou (2,848 imported from overseas, 17,437 locally contracted). A total of 11,244 of the patients were still hospitalized, while there were 109,772 asymptomatic cases (3,772 imported from overseas, 106,000 locally contracted), with 91,629 under medical observation.

In response to the severe pandemic situation, the government and related departments took quick action and implemented various measures. This included the immediate construction of Fangcang hospitals to admit patients. According to the Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, as of 12:00 November 17, a total of 246,407 beds were planned for the construction of Fangcang hospitals and quarantine board rooms, including 114,392 for Fangcang hospitals and 132,015 for quarantine board rooms.

The construction of Fangcang hospitals is a race against time, with each project strictly following a set timeline. Operating 24 hours a day with no time to waste, the goal is to ensure that COVID-19 patients receive timely and proper treatment. Every minute counts because every minute means a potential negative impact of the pandemic can be reduced. Guangdong Cabinets is proud to be part of this race, contributing its effort to combat the pandemic and help people overcome these difficult times.

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