The 135th Canton Fair Is About To Open

Apr 12 , 2024

The 135th Canton Fair will be held in Guangzhou in three phases from April 15 to May 5. Today, the reporter learned from the provincial Department of Commerce that a total of 456 enterprises in Hunan formed a trading group to participate in the exhibition, which will display many high-quality Hunan characteristic commodities such as ceramics, fireworks, agricultural machinery, bamboo products, lighters and wigs to global buyers.

The exhibition area of the current Canton Fair is 1.55 million square meters, and a total of 28,600 enterprises participated in the export exhibition. Hunan exhibitors will present a series of new products. For example, Hunan Dongyi Electric Co., LTD., as the world's largest lighter manufacturer, specially prepared 12 new products for the Canton Fair, including high-end electronic machines, fan proof, ignition guns, etc., the new products are more in line with the needs of overseas merchants in shape design and use.

With the Canton Fair to expand the international market, Hunan enterprises are gearing up. Hunan Huaxing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. intends to seize the "new three" export tuyere, Yueyang Aidaxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. wants to know more "Belt and Road" buyers; Longshan County Jiaba Mei Handmade Textiles Co., Ltd. hopes to contact more foreign customers, Xiangxi national cultural handicrafts onto the world stage.

In recent years, the Canton Fair has normalized the operation of the "online exhibition" platform, which has gradually become a new channel for exhibitors to explore the market. Liling Guanqian Porcelain industry made a new electronic catalog on the Canton Fair online platform, updated and upgraded the product pictures and enterprise introductions in an all-round way, renovated and beautified the broadcast room, and will carry out online live broadcasting simultaneously during the offline exhibition.

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