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Modular House - The Transformation Of House From

Modular House - The Transformation Of House From


Modular house: A fast-built house model that is prefabricated in the factory and can be transported and assembled by a crane. It is time-saving, green, and environmentally friendly; it is safe, comfortable, and creative; it is full of change and free to move, realizing the transformation of house from "real estate" to "movable property".

GUIZU is a group company specializing in providing modular houses and container houses. It integrates R & D, design, production, lease sales, operation and subsequent maintenance services. Its products are widely used in commercial, industrial, public buildings and residence. There is always one for you among the various GUIZU products!

Exquisite, economical, environmentally friendly, practical and fast house, just a phone call, you can enjoy the professional service of "house delivery to the door", external water and electricity can be "check-in"; just tell us your product or space requirements, and we can tailor your ideal house. In short, where modular houses and container houses are needed, there is GUIZU.

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