40ft Customized Shipping Container Swimming Pool
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  • The Pearl River Delta Container House & Material Supply Center in Foshan Junan

    Junan Factory is the largest container house and material supply center in the Pearl River Delta, with a site area of over 40,000 square meters and more than 60 employees. It has three production lines: 2 panel production lines and 1 flat pack container house production line. The focus of the busine...

  • Sample area

    We can provide full specifications of container housing products from basic simple container house to high-end decoration combination container house, such as full A-grade fire-proof standard container house, container modified house, and customized container hotel house. Civil residences, villas, s...

  • The Pearl River Delta Supply Center

        The Pearl River Delta Supply Center  is the regional raw material and finished product supply center directly under Guizu Group,it has jurisdiction over five factories in Foshan Jun’an, Foshan Chencun, Zhongshan Sanxiang, Dongguan Dalang and Guangzhou Baiyun, with a total area of ...

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