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Our factory

The Pearl River Delta Container House & Material Supply Center in Foshan Junan

The Pearl River Delta Container House & Material Supply Center in Foshan Junan

Jan 10,2020.

Junan Factory is the largest container house and material supply center in the Pearl River Delta, with a site area of over 40,000 square meters and more than 60 employees. It has three production lines: 2 panel production lines and 1 flat pack container house production line. The focus of the business is developing in the direction of both flat pack container house and high-end box customization services. As a result, the supply chain's industrial chain is more complete, the product variety is richer, and the unit manufacturing cost is lower, which makes customers have more choices, lower prices, faster pickup, and better quality and service.

We know that quality is the vitality of the company's long-term development, and also the value of customers choosing us. Therefore, for every detail, GUIZU are constantly improving. Preparing material area, welding and assembly area, decoration and parts installation, loading and unloading storage area, office area, as well as transportation and on-site installation all have orderly and safe regulations. From product design and material selection to as small as a welding point and grinding process, we all do it with care. The real materials are meticulous, and we continue to explore, continuously improve and innovate our products, and provide diversified container housing products that meet customer needs. It is the eternal pursuit of GUIZU.

Innovation, environmental protection, economy and fastness are GUIZU members' insistence on product quality. For more than ten years, GUIZU has gradually formed a set of professional design, modular production, process operation, and customized service operation and management system. The huge industrial scale, deep technical force, perfect sales network and team resources are powerful weapons for GUIZU to win the market. It is also a strong backing for GUIZU to create the future and go global. The advantage of comprehensive competitiveness has won the market and user recognition.

You only need a phone call to enjoy the professional service of “house delivery to the door.” Just tell us what you need for products and space, and we can customize the ideal house for you.

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